beyond the game...

Today off field insights are as important as the athlete's on field performance.
Avrij is an application that follows online content for important
off field insights... get results delivered to you.


on your phone, tablet & computer.

When something happens in sports, it's usually put online for millions to read forever!  Avrij is a tool that lets you determine what online information is important to you, when you want to know it, and how you will receive it.

Avrij does all the heavy lifting... finds, analyzes and reports the online insights you want in one convenient application.


All In One Place

Save thousands of hours finding online posts, blogs, news and opinion.  The Avrij Application puts it all in one place for you.

Access to Everything

With all your information in one convienient location you have 24/7 access to the original text, photo and video posts.

Need to Know

The Avrij Application removes retweets and reposts so you can ignore the noise and focus on what's important.

Heads Up

The Avrij Application sends 24/7 media alerts of the information you want, when you want it.               

Deep Dig

The Avrij Application digs deep to find, read and filter thousands of posts so you can focus on what happens on the field.


The Avrij Application delivers local, state, national and international athlete and team news in one location.



Avrij finds important “off field” insights.
You find "on field" athlete opportunities.

Text Analysis

Insights are made possible by analyzing millions of online conversations every second of every day.

Photo & Video Analysis

Athletes and fans communicate with each other by posting thousands of photos and hundreds of hours of video every day.  Avrij analyzes every photo and video.  

It is impossible to keep up with what is happening online without the Avrij Application.

You Have Questions
We have Answers

Contact us and we'll setup an account for you.  With some basic information about your organization, the type of online insight you want, and how often you want it... it's pretty easy.

The application works on all major web browsers and mobile devices.  There is nothing to install on your computer or phone.

* All in one place access to all online content.
* Accurate so you don’t miss anything important. 
* Alerts on your computer or mobile as online content is posted.

Avrij makes your job easier:
1.  Gathers all online information in one place.
2.  Identifies the most important information for you.
3.  Delivers the content you want... when you want it!  
4.  Nothing gets overlooked. 
5.  Lightning fast & super accurate online informaton gathering. 


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beyond the game...