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Carmen McKell


For many years Carmen has been the front-facing representative of three analytics companies she co-founded. Working closely with customers, Carmen has earned their trust and is able to quickly spot the problems that analytics can solve. Today Carmen is taking her message of "Women in Data Science" to sports organizations in her new role as President & CFO @ Avrij.


Carmen has been helping clients use data to solve problems for over 25 years. When’s she’s not working with clients, she can be found on the front line building new organizations from scratch.

As CFO for Avrij, she is raising capital to build the company from the ground up taking an idea and turning it into a reality is Carmen’s strength.  Her motto: Work Hard. Have Fun. Make a Difference.

Carmen McKell - CFO

Head Office

3rd floor
183-187 Rideau Street
Ottawa ON
K1N 5X8

CA: +1 (613) 421 2560


U.S. (Shipping)

808 Commerce Park Drive,
Unit 45041
Ogdensburg NY

CA (Shipping)

78 George St
Suite 204
Ottawa, ON
K1N 5W1