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Online text, photos & videos analyzed in just seconds.
Know the full story behind the athlete.


on your phone, tablet or computer.

The Person Insights

Want to know more about the person? How do they stand up to adversity? What happens when they lose a game? These insights are critical when making decisions about the right mix of athletes for the team. The Avrij Application uses math to provide trusted insights to help you build a winning team.

Communication Insights

What is the tone of the conversation? Is it positive, negative, inspiring, or always cup half empty? The Avrij Application drills down into the online data to uncover a athlete’s tone of voice. This tone can make a difference when trying to determine if an athlete can lead both on and off the field.


The Avrij Alerts send you insights about “off-field” events in real time to your phone. Stay on top of player possibilities and be the first to know.  Even a few minutes of heads-up will help give you the competitive advantage.


The Avrij Application identifies opportunities as well as risks for your organization.  From players charity work to being role models for kids….the Avrij Alerts will help you see strategic wins for your team.  Get instant access to players being heroes, giving back to their communities - as it happens.

How it Works

1. Login

Your Account

Login to Avrij using your favorite web browser with the credentials you were provided.

2. Select Athletes

Professional, College & High School

Select from thousands of professional, college and high school athletes.  Or add the name of an athlete yourself.

3. Select Insights

Decide What Interests You

Choose from predefined categories that interest you like "community involvement" or "family oriented".  Or add your own category of interest.

4. Select Alert Status

What to know and when to know it

Choose when alerts should be sent to you... You decide the schedule or select options lile when something important happens, delayed until you're at work, after midnight etc.

5. Select Reporting Status

Awesome Reports

Decide if you want weekly, monthly or quarterly athlete insight reports.

6. Sit Back & Relax

The Application Does The Work

Now you can top trying to follow hundreds of athletes and fans on your own.  There isn't enough time in the day to do what the Avrij Application can do in seconds.

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